Best Physical Fitness Program Tip to Melt Belly Fat

The number one physical fitness program request I receive as a fitness consultant is a quick workout solution to melt belly fat. The sad thing is most people are misled about how to burn away unwanted abdominal fat which is why they the never enjoy fitness program success.

You still see fitness program advice that focuses on doing crunches, and leg raises ten different ways in hope of magically waking up with an ultra trim waistline. This is simply the wrong workout advice! Don’t fall for this; it is not the ultimate fitness solution for your unwanted, hang over the belt belly fat.

Logically, one would think if you directly workout a particular area as part of your physical fitness program, over and over again, fat will quickly melt away. So the more exercises you perform on a targeted area such as your waistline, the more fat you will chisel away. Sad to say, this is not the case. Don’t fall for this!

Many studies show you can not spot reduce. By exercising a certain body part does not mean fat will magically disappear from that area, even if you do hundreds of fitness training repetitions. Body fat comes off throughout the whole body. Please understand this simple weight loss workout concept. It will save you from lack of results, and a belly fat heartache later.

Once and for all, I want you to understand the best fitness program for melting belly fat fast. Quick waistline workout results are soon headed your way!

So what is the best physical fitness program tip to quickly, and easily melt belly bat?

Quite simple! Follow the proven formula of incorporating strength training, cardiovascular exercise, as well as consistent decrease in caloric intake into your fitness training program. All three components must be present if you want to enjoy quick belly fat melting success.

What about all those abdominal workout exercises you read about? In order to strengthen the abdominal muscles underneath the belly, go ahead and do them. However, please understand it is no belly fat melting magic cure. Thank you infomercials! Abdominal exercises are done to strengthen muscles, and not melt fat. They are simply part of a physical fitness program, and only a small part at that.

So what type of cardiovascular workout program should you do? Do anything that you enjoy that elevates your heart rate, consistently, for an extended period of time. Shoot for a fitness workout that elevates your heart rate to 60% – 85% of your maximum heart rate. Maximum heart rate is 220-your age.

As for a strength training physical fitness program, work all major muscle groups at least once a week for no more than 30 minutes as explained carefully in the popular workout resource Fitness Program Secrets.

Lastly, if you want to quickly melt fat from your waistline, then you must reduce your calories, consistently, day after day, in order to reap the benefit of a fit, trim waistline. Failure to incorporate this important component will ultimately short circuit your weight loss workout waistline results.

Once again, don’t make the fatal mistake so many of other people who want to reduce belly fat make. It is not just about doing abdominal crunches twenty different ways, but rather about a physical fitness program that incorporates the three components mentioned above. Enjoy your new fit, and trim belly!

4 Time Saving Physical Fitness Program Tips

When it comes to your physical fitness program, wouldn’t it be nice to save valuable time, and still benefit the same, or enjoy even better workout results?

Let’s face it, in today’s society, time is the ultimate asset. There is generally never enough time in the day to complete all the tasks you want, including your workout routine. One of the biggest challenges people have in achieving health fitness success is having the time to do it. As a fitness training consultant, I always hear the excuse of I don’t have time to exercise.

Therefore, the best case fitness training program would be one that saves you valuable time, and delivers as good, or even better exercise program results. Who has time to waste these days on a time consuming, ineffective fitness plan?

So here is what I recommend you do to speed up your physical fitness program time. Follow these 4 simple time saving exercise routine tips, and watch your time in the gym shrink to a manageable level. By decreasing your time in the gym, there is an excellent chance that you will be able to keep your fitness exercise program commitment of consistency, and never ending improvement.

1. Be workout prepared, and focused.

Prior to starting your fitness program, you must be totally clear on what exactly you are going to do prior to entering the gym. You should be not only physical fitness program clear, but completely focused throughout your fitness exercise program session.

Working out prepared means knowing exactly what exercises, what order, how many reps you are shooting for, and how long you will spend working out. I recommend writing all of this important data down in your exercise journal prior to walking into the gym.

As far as the best fitness program focus, avoid talking to people during your workout. Stop reading the newspaper between exercise sets. Leave the cell phone in the car. Have a backup plan for exercises when machines are busy.
When you begin your physical fitness program you are laser focused on what you will accomplish. This workout approach will not only save you time, but deliver you much better results.

2. Follow a properly structured, backed by science, fitness plan to help get better results in much less time.

Please understand, not all fitness training programs are created equal! As a matter of fact, most are severely flawed, and not backed by sound exercise physiology principles. It is important to be on a fitness routine that is both effective, and very time efficient.

3. Increase your exercise intensity.

In your new time saving workout routine, you will want to progressively increase your exercise intensity. This little strategy will instantly deliver you fitness training program success in less time. When it comes to results, increasing the exercise intensity delivers more bang for the fitness buck.

For your cardiovascular fitness plan use the HIIT (high intensity interval training) method of training. It will deliver better physical fitness program results in less time.

Use HIT (high intensity training) for your strength training fitness plan. HIT is where you train to momentary muscle failure, and progressively increase resistance over time, driving up the intensity of exercise. Incorporating this workout method will surely equal better results in less time.

4. Schedule your exercise program time.

In order to be as efficient, and effective as possible, schedule your workout program time on your calendar. Be specific, like Tuesday from 3:30 to 3:50 you will do strength training, and from 3:50 to 4:10 you are doing cardiovascular work. At 4:10 you are to be finished, and out of the gym. Stick to your exercise time schedule. Once again, this tip comes down to smart planning prior to entering the gym.

Follow these 4 time saving physical fitness program tips! Doing so will not only save you a ton of time, but get you better workout results along the way. Enjoy your new found free time!